The origin of "La Ronda"

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  • La Ronda in Quito is a historic and emblematic neighborhood of the city. Its main artery is Calle Juan de Dios Morales, but it is best known for how the Quito people, now and always, have called it and know it as Calle de La Ronda.

    In Spain, the streets of Ronda used to be those between the last row of houses and the wall. Quito never had a wall of protection; However, by the sinuous form of this street, built next to a ravine, the name seemed appropriate ... and La Ronda stayed. They say that the first land to be inhabited, in colonial times, was that of the corner house on Guayaquil and Morales streets. In 1592, in a legal document, this street is named for the first time as "Ronda" At present there are some typical Ecuadorian food restaurants, literary and bohemian coffee shops, a legendary picantería, in addition to a traditional candy store in Quito and an orphanage. Manufacturers of decorative candles, sobadores, healers, musicians, can be found in the street of La Ronda along with the famous Quito canelazos and the delicious empanadas de viento.
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