Quilotoa lagoon volcano

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  • It is one of the most spectacular places in Ecuador, although a little away from the usual tourist routes. It was formed after the eruption of the volcano that occurred in the thirteenth century of our era. It has a depth of approximately 250 meters and its most significant feature is its waters of a brilliant turquoise green. Visitors can walk around their perimeter without having to descend to the water level, or they can go down the sloping and sandy slope that surrounds it, and then climb back. The cost of access to the park is $ 1.

    The enchanted lagoon is reached by a road in good condition inaugurated in 2014. It is the Latacunga-La Maná road, in a path of beautiful and charming landscape. There, the temperature oscillates between 3 and 15 degrees Celsius. A small parking near several handicraft shops and restaurants (rustic and formal) shows tourists the best of the local culture and cuisine.

    To observe all its beauty is the viewpoint, which won the second place of architecture design of the year Award, which is dedicated to works built in Spanish-speaking countries. There were 15 projects in which the Mirador del Quilotoa Shalala, designed by the Ecuadorian architects Jorge Javier Andrade Benítez, Javier Mera Luna and Daniel Moreno Flores stood out.

    The large viewpoint, built of wood, is located on the crater of Quilotoa and standing on it's balcony allows a harmonious fusion of the whole environment. Other equipment such as walking and parking complete the winning project of the international award.

    My visit to the Quilotoa Volcano By Mey Castro Xu - Palma of Mallorca, Spain.
    It is incredible to visit El Quilotoa, I really liked the blue lagoon scale, you can even touch or swim in the lagoon and stay there contemplating the landscape. Undoubtedly the Quilotoa is a Magical place. I Arrived at Quilotoa Volcano from the tourist area of ​​BañosI took a bus to Latacunga and stay right on the side pass where I took a taxy that took me to the Volcano.
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